About the Foundation

Family and close friends established the Dustin and Kristen Yoder Memorial Foundation soon after the tragic death of Dustin and Kristen in June, 2006. The Foundation Board of Directors and officers are the children's father, Ken Yoder (President and Treasurer), their mother, Kathy Yoder (Vice-President), and longtime family friends David K. Gray, Esq. (Vice-President and Secretary) and T.K. Warfield (Vice-President). Other members of the Board are their cousin, Stephen Williamson, Dustin's lifetime friends and college roommates, Tyler Warfield and Ryan Egan, Kristen's lifetime friend, Stephanie Kopplin, and Kristen's boyfriend, Aaron LeGendre.

Donations to the Foundation have been placed in an endowment fund to generate income on an ongoing basis through conservative investments. The Foundation will use the investment income to provide scholarships and financial assistance to children and young adults for outdoor leadership education courses through various programs, including the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and the Parks and Recreation Management Program at Northern Arizona University. Please access the Scholarship link above for more specific information regarding applications and awards.

The Foundation's board and officers serve on a voluntary basis, and all administrative expenses are being covered by an outside source. For these reasons the Foundation has and will continue to place virtually 100% of donated money into the endowment fund. The Board of Directors will oversee investments of the endowment, review applications and award scholarships, and organize events to raise money for the endowment fund. We project with the present endowment that the Foundation will be able to award between 4 and 6 scholarships per year.

Dustin's Portait Link to Biography
Dustin James Yoder
9/28/82 - 6/27/06

Kristen's Portait Link to Biography
Kristen Elise Yoder
11/6/84 - 6/27/06